A portrait of your favorite pet in my art style? Why yes of course!


Here's how it works:

You send me a digital photograph of your pet (any pet: cats, dogs, horses, iguanas, you name it) and

I draw a digitally painted artwork of him or her. This is a high quality digital work, which means that it can be printed on different materials and in different sizes. When the digital work is done you can decide on how you want to receive the physical work. I usually go for canvas prints, but if you want you can have it printed on wood, totes, mousemats, mugs, etcetera. The great thing about this is that it is your print.  If you want to print it a 100x on wedding invitations three years later, you can. It's a great gift for an animal lover, or a beautiful memento to one of our friends that has passed the rainbow bridge.


Color schemes can be discussed so the work will fit your room or the space it will be placed in.



A digital artwork costs 125,- per animal (one piece costs me between 15-20 hours of work).

You can choose to just take the digital piece and have it printed yourself, or you can let me print it for you. There will be additional costs then for the material and size.

An indication:

Canvas 20x20 cm               +10 euro

               20x30 cm               +15 euro

               40x40 cm              +25 euro             etc.


Added 24ct gold leaf accents come at +5 euro.

Example: So say you want your cat Felix in red and pink tones at 40x40 with gold leaf, the total price would amount to 155 euro total (not including shipping costs).


Interested? Use the contact form here to send me a mail.